Reaching London From Gatwick

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If you wish to get into and around London, there are many options you can do so. It is just a matter of choosing which mode of transportation would suit you best.

Coaches to London

National Express

Coaches leave the Gatwick Airport to London Victoria Station once every hour taking it 90 minutes per trip.  For a single ticket, it usually costs £6.60. This is a good choice if you don’t want to miss your plane but at your end, you should also arrive at the airport atleast an hour prior to check-in. With the coaches, you don’t have any luggage limit, but you have to check with the airline since there are some that has a 20kg weight limit. To avail of their cheaper rates, book online.

Hotel Transfer

National Express also provides direct hotel transfers between Gatwick Airport and Gatwick Airport hotels. Their coaches leave every few minutes at peak times from outside the North and South Terminals arrivals area, offering a fitting access to Gatwick Airport hotels. They serve the Ibis Gatwick Hotel, Crown Plaza Gatwick, Ramada Plaza Gatwick and Travelodge Gatwick Airport. If you book in advance, you will only have to pay £3 for an adult and £2 for a child.

Buses Around London

London buses have something distinct about them. Their floors are lowered in a way that they are at pavement level, making it more convenient in boarding the bus.


London Victoria

The train of Gatwick Express runs every 15 minutes and the trip usually lasts to 30 minutes or 35 minutes on Sundays. Standard tickets are charges at £16.90 single and £28.80 return. For more information, just call +44 (0)845 850 1530. While the Southern service trains take about 35 minutes for a one-way trip costing about £10.90. Trains run every 15 minutes during the day and every hour at night. For more information, just dial, +44 (0)845 127 2920. The trains of First Capital Connect trains run through London Bridge, Blackfriars, City Thameslink, Farringdon and St Pancras stations to St Albans, Luton and Bedford. They have four trains running an hour during the daytime. For an amount of £10.90 and duration of 45 minutes, you will be able to reach St. Pancras. You may contact them through +44 (0)845 026 4700 for more information.


There are those travellers who prefer travelling with a taxi. If you take a taxi, the travel time to central London is about 60-70 minutes from Gatwick Airport and is usually charged at £70. There are different types of taxis depending on their passengers and their preferences. It may range from executive types, minibuses to coach taxis. With them, your trip is worry-free. If you wish to save more, just book in advance .

Oyster Cards

Oyster Cards are known as the cheapest way to get around London using different public transports such as tubes, buses, DLR, trains, London overground and some National rail trains.. You can get a pay as you go oyster car, meaning you don’t have to worry about having the right change in your pocket. If you wish to get updated with this, just visit TFL. Just make sure you touch in with your card before boarding tubes and buses and Oyster will work out they cost of your journey at the end of the day. By doing this it means they can charge you less than the price of a day travelcard.


It takes roughly 60-70 minutes to get to central London from Gatwick. Gatwick Airport is at Junction 9 of the M23 motorway and on the A23 Brighton to London road.

Airport Parking

There are times when you need to park your car especially when you are bringing your own vehicle at the airport. Unfortunately, you can’t have it free of charge. The good thing though is that you can find those that offer it at cheaper rates especially if you book it online or by phone in advance.

Car Hire

If you do not have your own vehicle but wish to travel London, look no further. There are different car rental companies that offer such services at the Gatwick Airport. They have different services and it’s just a matter of choosing which one you like best.

Maps and Directions

London Gatwick is 28 miles south of London. Gatwick is directly linked to the M23 motorway at junction 9. You can also join onto the M25 within 10 minutes and from there you can access the UK huge network of roads and motorways. Journey time to central London from Gatwick Airport is around 60 – 75 minutes. For a detailed view of the map of Gatwick Airport, just visit the Maps and Directions page of the Gatwick Airport Guide online.

To avoid hassles, make sure that your cars is in its top shape so that any events of it breaking down won’t happen. There are different car care tips you should take note to make your travels more worry free.

Congestion Charge

Congestion charges are asked from those who drive in and around the Central London. You are required to pay it especially if you are travelling between the the hours of 7am and 6pm Mon – Fri. The charge is £8 daily, and you will be notified by signs when you are approaching CC zones, are within them and exiting them. There are different ways as to how you can pay it, either by SMS, phone, online, at a shop or by post.

If you are travelling at Central London, you won’t find any physical toll that asks the congestion charge. There is a network of cameras that monitor the entrance and exits of congestion charge zones. The camera will automatically recognize if you have paid the charge and if you do, your image will be automatically deleted. But if you are unable to pay it until midnight, you will be charges a penalty and a notice will be sent to you

Lift Sharing

A great way to reduce costs, pollution congestion and parking is to share a lift with someone who is making the same trip as you do. You can share the car with them as you travel to the airport. If you are interested in lift sharing with others who are making similar journeys then take a look at LondonLiftShare. By simply entering your journey details, your registration is for free and it will automatically display others who are making similar journeys on that day. Other than that it will also estimate the CO2 and financial savings you obtain from such services.

Cycling in London

For the environmental advocates, using the bicycle is also a great idea. They are permitted within the London Underground where some lines may just allow those foldable bikes outside of their peak times.

Folding bicycles are permitted on the underground at all times, free of charge. You are not allowed to take non folding bikes on moving escalators, at any time. There are overground trains like the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) that will take folding bicycles for free. Those that can’t be folded may only be permitted at some sections of the networks, outside of peak times.

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