Maps you will be Needing at Gatwick Airport

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Gatwick by Car – Directions

London Gatwick is 28 miles or 45KM south of London, which is directly connected to the M23 motorway at Junction 9 and to the A23 London- Brighton road. It will take you a 10-minute drive to reach the M25 at Junction 7 from the Gatwick Airport which is linked with the UK’s complicated road and motorway network. If you are not well informed with the directions you should be taking if you are driving to and from the airport, check the AA Route Planner at the Gatwick Airport Guide for a detailed map with directions.

Gatwick by Car – Maps

Maps are important when you are travelling to a foreign place so that you won’t get lost. It would be of great help if you bring with you a map when you travel to Gatwick Airport by car. At the Gatwick Airport Guide online, you will find a map which showcases an overview of the surrounding areas emphasizing the most important roads.

Driving Information

There are different ways in arriving to the Gatwick Airport. Here are some ways you will reach the said airport if you begin in different locations in the South of England. This information will be very helpful in estimating the duration of travelling to Gatwick Airport.

Drop off / Pick up

Private cars are not allowed to halt on the terminal forecourt roads for any purposes other than dropping off their passengers. Waiting is not permitted on the terminal court as well. Cars that are left unattended must anticipate being towed away by the police and a retrieval charge levied. To avoid such from happening, use one of the Short Stay car parks if you have to leave your car unattended while picking up or dropping off airline passengers.

Car Parking

There are available short and long term airport parking available between the two terminals which normally have regular shuttles running. Travellers who wish to use the said parking spaces should book in advance. You can visit Airport Parking Shop to explore and compare prices of the Parking spots at Gatwick. They have a large selection of airport parking options at over 100 various car parks around 26 airports in the UK. They compare rates across 6 of the biggest UK parking brokers which will assist you in saving as much as 60% on gate prices. Motorcycles are allowed to park for free in the dedicated parking bays at both terminals. For your fuel needs, there are 24/7 petrol stations open at both terminals of Gatwick Airport.

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