Car Hire at London Gatwick Airport

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It would be difficult to get around the Gatwick Airport on your feet that’s why it would be advantageous if you bring your own vehicle. But unfortunately, not all has the liberty of owning one and still some find it a hassle to bring their cars to the airport. Worry not for Gatwick Airport has a solution to all your transportation needs. Either you drive it yourself or have a chauffeur drive it for you there are numerous car hire companies available at both terminals of Gatwick Airport. This way you are able to transport yourself and your belongings to different areas of the airport. This is often the preferred means of transportation at Gatwick rather than relying on public transport. If you are a tourist at Gatwick Airport, car hire companies may even allow you to bring the cars with you as you seek beautiful sights that UK has to offer.

At Gatwick Airport, there are nine car hire companies providing travellers a wide range of vehicles to choose from at an affordable price. If you want to save more, book ahead of time prior to heading to the airport. Gatwick has also opened its own car hire services in April 2011. It is located at the North Terminal’s Level 1. You will be able to reach the area by taking an elevator near the international arrivals and following signs directing to the Car Hire. The benefits of the new facility are that their car hire vehicles are under cover and it is strategically located where it can access directly the terminal building.

If you wish to book from the nine car hire companies at Gatwick Airport, just visit the Gatwick Airport Guide online to find more information how you could contact them.

Car Hire Centre

If you are still new at using car hires at the airport, you can use the internet to get informed about them. If you check the Car Hire Center online you will be able to compare the rates of the car hire providers which will help you in choosing from which company you will be seeking its services. They will also help you estimate how much you will be paying as they quote your fare to the destinations you will be going to. With them, customers are able to save an average of £30. For more information, you may also call them at +44 (0)844 816 0099.

Holiday autos

Holiday Autos is a famous car rental broker which compares car hire providers worldwide. They have been the best at it as they receive an award every 2 months for their performance and services. They only compare reputable companies but still take time to find the cheapest rates for car rental. They are proud that they provide the cheapest prices. And they challenge you that if you find the same car rental at a cheaper rate than theirs, they will try to match that price.

Car Hire at the Airport

There are several car hire providers that have stalls in the car rental offices located near the entrance of both terminals of Gatwick Airport. If you have booked ahead of time, you can pick-up your chosen vehicle at the Car Hire Buildings on the lower forecourt road of each terminal. The car rental building at the South Terminal is open 24/7 and only from 06:00 to 22:00 at the North Terminal.

Information for Under 25’s

There is no definite set of rules for renting a vehicle if you are younger than 25 years old. This is the reason why different car hire companies have differing age requirements in hiring vehicles. Some providers like the Hertz only require their drivers are aged over 19 and they even provide discounts for students. The age restriction also varies depending on the type of vehicle you would like to hire. For example, to hire some high-end vehicle, hirers must be aged over 30 thus before renting a car, check with the company about their regulations.

Be cautious since some providers may allow you to rent a vehicle even if you are still under 25 but may ask an additional Young Driver’s Surcharge upon booking.  This additional fee will be asked from you for each rental day. . The amount depends on your car hire provider and the country you are booking in. Some providers do not even add a Young Driver’s Surcharge so shop around if you are looking for a cheap car hire.

Documents Needed

You need to present a form of ID and a valid driver’s license upon pick-up of your rented vehicle. If you are from UK or Ireland, you will need to present both the card and paper counterpart of the driver’s license. Any drivers from outside the European Union will need to present their international driver’s permit. Inability to present any of the required documents may mean cancellation of your car rental services. You will also have to produce a form of ID in picking-up your vehicle but when you are around the airport, you should have with you a means of identification. Your passport is the preferred form of ID.


Buying insurance tips

Majority of car hire companies offer free Collision Damage Waiver, sometimes referred to as CDW, and Theft Waiver (also known as TW). This would cover you in the event that your vehicle is damaged or stolen. The company will get you to pay a large excess, sometimes up to £2000. The term excess refers to the amount a car hire customer would have to pay if they have to make a claim. To avoid this from happening, rent from those companies that offer car hire excess insurance policy. But doing so may be a lot more expensive that’s why you have to go to companies that specialises in car hire excess insurance such as Insurance4carhire.

Insurance4carhire tenders annual and one of a kind car hire insurance policies at a cheap price. The benefit of purchasing car hire excess insurance from Insurance4carhire is that it covers damage which is not covered by car hire provider’s excess insurance. For example they will cover damage to the under carriage of the vehicle, the roof, the tyres and the windows; all items which are excluded from a car hire provider’s excess insurance policy. Excess insurance provided by Insurance4Carhire can be used with all car hire providers and any driver aged 21-74 years old. To find out more about car hire excess insurance please visit Insurance4carhire.


You may get too excited when you receive the car you rented but it is important to thoroughly check your vehicle before using it. There is no need to rush everything or else you may miss problems with the car and it may be too late for you to address such problems especially when you have already gone to use it. Checking your car for just five minutes may save you a lot as you are able to inform the car hire companies of any damages ahead of time. You should report to them before leaving the forecourt because any damage noted when you already left the airport may mean additional charges on your end.

Remember also to return the car with the same amount of fuel as when you received it. Returning the vehicle with a lesser amount of fuel may mean that the car hire provider may ask an additional fuel charge from you. This charge is often more than the price to fill up your car so it is advisable to fill up the car tank with fuel prior to returning it. Check also the kind of fuel the car has to avoid more additional charges if you placed the wrong fuel to the car tank.

Lastly, make sure you are well informed of the road laws and regulations regarding car hires in the destinations you are headed to. For example, the national speed limit differs for each country and also some countries measure their speed in kilometers an hour and some measure speed on miles per hour.

On top of this, in the UK and Australia, drivers drive on the left hand side of the road and most other countries in the world drive on the right hand side of the road. For more car hire advices to assist you when hiring a car, visit The Car Hire Centre.

Airport Surcharge

Do not be surprised that when you arrive at the airport, your car hire provider asks an airport surcharge fee. This is because car hire companies are charged themselves by the airport in their facility use. This charge is usually passed on to the customers. There are some that already include it in their policy fee but sometimes you have to pay it separately at the airport. Check your provider’s policy regarding airport surcharges you should read their policy wording or check on their website.

One Way Hire

There are some car hire companies that give you the liberty to pick up your vehicle at the airport and drop it off at any other location in the UK or the other way around. This is called one way hire which is a great option in getting to and from the airport especially if you have a lot of luggage. Europcar, National and Alamo offer one way hire services without extra charges. They call it the “Airport Connect”. The price starts from £49 but Europcar offer this service at the reduced rate of £45 for visitors to the Gatwick Airport Guide.

Gatwick Airport Car Hire Providers

Provider Extras

Different car hire companies have different features. Some provide extra services to make passengers more comfortable. If you wish to request the said services, you have to book it in advance. Any alterations you may need to the vehicle to assist with your driving such as Lynx hand controls should be requested 48 hours before the car hire is due to begin as it can take the provider time to fit these facilities.

All car hire companies have child seats and satellite navigations. Only Europcar, Avis, Hertz, and Budget can be hired via phone app. The said four hire companies together with National and Easirent have disabled driver hand controls. But only Easirent have an entertainment system.


They are the recipient of the award, World’s leading leisure car hire company” (World Travel Awards). Their goal is to offer the highest quality, recent car hire models to their customers at the Gatwick Airport. Booking and paying online entitles you to 25% off the amount you have to pay. The vehicles they offer include small cars, large cars, family cars, luxury cars and eco-friendly cars. Their only airport service they have is one way hire.


This car rental company is internationally recognized which provides daily rentals to meet the demands of business and leisure commuters. They are proud that they were the first car rental company to offer flat rates for their car hire customers. They have the same vehicles available and airport services with Europcar.


Alamo offers high quality vehicles at low cost rates for family and leisure passengers. They became the first car rental company to offer real time bookings on the internet in 1995. Their available vehicles include small cars, large cars, and family cars. They only offer one way hire service at the airport.


Hertz aim to be the most customer focused vehicle rental company on the market. They are the largest car rental company in the world and have been providing rental vehicles for over 80 years. They have small cars, large cars, family cars, luxury cars, vans and eco- friendly cars to offer their customers. At the airport they offer services such as online check-in, one way hire and self-service express kiosk.

Season Car Hire

Season Car Hire provides a large selection of high-end and luxury vehicles for rent. They have Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Bmw, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maseratti, Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover and Rolls Royce which are all new and available at any UK airport. The vehicle types they have include luxury cars, sports cars, 4×4 cars and minibuses. They have online check-in, one way hire and meet and greet services.


Avis mission is to provide customers with the best and most convenient vehicles available. They have UK covered and you can pick-up your car from the Avis branch at Heathrow Airport and return the car to any one of the UK locations. Their available vehicles include small cars, large cars, family cars, luxury cars, family cars and eco-friendly cars. The only service that they offer at the airport is one way hire.


Budget, as the brand name implies, they offer car rentals at affordable prices. They surely will deliver to you any of your car rental needs. Their available vehicles include small cars, large cars and luxury cars. They offer the one way hire service at the airport.


Sixt offers a hassle-free service when you book for their services. By simply downloading their app from your SmartPhone, you can place your orders for car rental anywhere, anytime. They have a large selection of vehicles which include small cars, large cars, family cars, luxury cars, vans, minibuses, and eco-friendly ones. They have online check-in and one-way hire service at the airport.


Easirent boasts of its friendly and reliable car rental service at Gatwick. It is run by a family who has mastered the business of car rentals for the past 25 years. They have expanded owning over 1000 vehicles and we have branches situated throughout England. Easirent provide a top-class customer service coupled with new cars that are safe, economical and offer superb value for money. Their vehicles may range from small cars, large cars, family cars, luxury cars, vans, people carrier types and eco-friendly ones. At the airport, you will expect their services such as online check-in, one way hire and meet and greet service.


They offer low rental rates and excellent customer service. They are often the preferred company by customers as their customer satisfaction scores eleven times in a national survey of car rental brands. Their vehicles include small cars, large cars, family cars, luxury cars, vans, and people carrier types. They only have one-way hire service at the airport.

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