Airport Parking at Gatwick Airport

Posted on 08. Nov, 2011 by in Transportation

There are several parking choices accessible if you steer to Gatwick Airport. Choose wisely among the many options below to find best parking for you. Short Stay Parking available from both the North and South Terminals is encouraged for stays up to five hours. There are additional car parks in the central terminal area, car park 1a. For short-stay parking, rates start at £1 for the first 15 minutes, £2.50 for 15 minutes – 30 minutes, £5.00 for 30 minutes – 1 hour, £8.00 for 1 – 2 hours, £11.00 for 2 – 3 hours, £14.00 for 3 – 4 hours, £17.00 for 4 – 5 hours, £20.00 for 5 – 6 hours, £25.00 for 6 – 12 hours, £30.00 for 12 – 24 hours and £30.00 for 24+ hours

Fast Track Parking

The fast track parking service provides covered parking and a quick, well-situated link between the two terminal buildings. It exists at both terminals’ short stay car parks with rates starting at £14.50 for the first three hours.

Gatwick Long Stay Parking

If you intend to leave your car for a long time, then you should take advantage of the airport’s Long Stay car park services. They guard your cars securely and safely at affordable prices. Get the best rates by booking in advance. You can compare services online to make the best deal. You can check the Airport Parking Shop for parking prices at over 20 Gatwick car park services.

For extra convenience Meet and Greet valet parking is a great alternative. They let a chauffeur meet you at a pre-arranged time at your departure terminal and he parks your car in a secure compound. When you get back, your car will be waiting for you at the terminal gates. Now that is what you call hassle-free. Rates start at £42.95 for 1 day, £65.95 for 2 days, £84.95 for 3 days, £99.95 for 4 days, £114.95 for 5 days and an additional£15 per day for the succeeding days.

Parking at Airport Hotel

There are also several airport hotels that offer car park services. The good thing about them is that you get to hit two birds with one stone. You get to enjoy the amenities of the hotel and not worry about your car. This is advantageous for those who have early flights as well. At Gatwick, there are 39 airport hotels to choose from and you can compare which hotel offers the best services and prices at the Airport Hotel Shop.

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