Virgin Atlantic shows interest at Gatwick Airport

Posted on 10. Dec, 2011 by in News

Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic Airways has made it public that they indeed are interested in purchasing a stake of London’s premier airports, the Gatwick Airport. This plan is intended to encourage the major upgrade of both traditional airports and the industry in aviation. This news was announced after the Competition Commission ordered the owners of Gatwick, British Aviation Authority (BAA) to sell three of the seven airports it owns to the highest bidder.

This new bidder, the Virgin Atlantic, is famous for being one of the largest and it is the most profitable aviation company in the United Kingdom. It earns a staggering £47 million a year. From its humble beginnings in 1984, it has vied for dominance over aerospace goliath, British Airways. Richard Branson and a spokesperson of Virgin Atlantic, Paul Charles, have long petitioned for a complete restructuring of the way airports are being managed. The latter believes that a system modification will permit airlines to monitor airports independently. Mr. Charles further explains, “It would make the experience for passengers so much better than it is today”.

The airline announced that they will only be interested in buying the airport as part of a consortium to other airlines. Although some groups are hesitant as repackaging airports as a corporate plaything may threaten passenger safety. The number of companies that may be involved in the deal is still to be discussed. There have been reports that diverse groups such as the Dubai royal family are also encouraged to hand their cash for a portion of UK’s second largest airport, Gatwick Airport.

The proposed deal is still very raw but bidders are to anticipate a price tag of £3 billion

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