Scams At Gatwick Revealed

Posted on 05. Dec, 2011 by in News

The West Sussex County Council placed a halt on the parking dupe that was intentionally made to fraud travellers out of their well-deserved cash.

Resat Gundogdu is a London restaurateur who is the owner of Gatwick Secure Parking. Recently, this private enterprise is faced with an issue regarding its selling of bogus oarking spaces to innocent tourists. Gullible visitors were easily enticed to buy because staff were luring them with their exaggerated descriptions of the said parking space mentioning that they had safe amenities with six-foot high fences and lockable gates.

The scam behind it was eventually revealed and the numerous complaints forced the local Trading Standards office to make a move. Unfortunately, the company continued with its dirty works. Further interrogation confirmed that the firm was indeed operating a very strange business.

Council officers tried it for themselves if this was indeed the case. They bought parking spaces from Mr. Gundogdu. They were assured that their vehicles will be taken cared well so indeed that was how they expected things would go. They thought their cars will be handled with utmost care, wrapped in cotton wool and guarded against threats.

Unfortunately, they learned that the complaints were indeed for real. The services promised in their website were not the ones being done, rather the opposite of it. Instead of bringing customer vehicles to secure locations, precious cars were left unattended in a general parking area.

Three winter days passed and the officers returned to the said parking space. They were devastated of the conditions it was in for it was contradicting to what they advertised. It was in November when Mr. Gundogdu was trialled at the court and he pleaded guilty to the case of fraud. He was fined an amount of £836 and was to undergo 140 hours community service of picking up leaves and planting flowers. The West Sussex Council was pleased with the verdict and found it was suitable for the case.

The council boss, Henry Smith, explains that this move is just part of its good intentions to protect the interest of its patron’s further saying, “This is another example of our trading standards officers’ determination to protect the interests of consumers who live, work or visit our county”

Eventually Mr. Gundogdu was also fined an amount of £24,000 or it was unable to keep the hygiene of its Crawley kebab and steak house according to the set standards.


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