Parking Charges at Gatwick Increased

Posted on 26. Nov, 2011 by in News

When you are at Gatwick, you have to prepare another amount for the several services you will be acquiring along the way. Sometimes, even if you wanted to avoid such expenses, you will be faced of certain events that will make you force acquiring such services thus asking from you extra charges. One of the services you may opt to consider is those airport parking spaces.

Fortunately, there are affordable parking spaces in most UK airports. Like at the Manchester Airport, the cost for short-stay parking is at £45 for eight days in November 2009. But this can’t be the case all the time. Gatwick Airport is an exception to this rule for at the Gatwick Airport, prices have skyrocketed.

Through the web-based holiday company, Essential Travel, it was known that the cost of a single parking space at Gatwick Airport has increased by 67% since the hub was under the supervision of the Global Infrastructure Partners in 2009.

The Essential chief was surprised about this since it was contradicting to the promises made by the British Airports Authority since buying the hub. They assured customers of better services and cheaper prices which is definitely not what is happening now.

The charge for a usual seven-day stop in Gatwick’s long-stay car park is now at £75.20 which used to be at £44.80 in December 2009. Unbelievably, the difference in price £30.40 can already buy you an easyJet ticket from Gatwick to Basel in Switzerland, Grenoble in France, or Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

The heads at Gatwick defended that this increase in price of about 35% started in July to discourage non-passengers from using such valuable spaces and that it wasn’t that much of a difference with those prices at Heathrow and Luton airports. They advise users to book in advance so that they can avail of the 20% discount.

Steve Smith further recommended that customers look for other official parking options if they aren’t settled with those offered at Gatwick Airport. There are several airports that have one or more accredited car parks in the local area.

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