No. 1 Traveller open their 1st Super Lounge at Gatwick

Posted on 07. Nov, 2011 by in News

Travelling can be a very tiring experience but not at Gatwick Airport. Gatwick worked hand in hand with the No. 1 Traveller in providing passengers a smarter way to catch their flight. No.1 Traveller opened their spanking new super lounge in the North Terminal of Gatwick Airport last May 17, 2011. This particular lounge spanning 10,000 square feet takes pride of their Travel Spa, Airport Lounge and Business Center that passengers shouldn’t miss.

Their airport lounges are designed with comfort as a main feature. It is well-equipped providing customers an oasis of calmness and serenity, a world away from the hustle and bustle of the outside. This lounge gives another highlight to your airport experience with just £20. Now you can get connected with their free Wi-Fi, catch up with the latest news and gossip with their wide selection of newspapers and magazines and just let time pass by in their mini cinema room or games room. If you want to experience an out of this world gastronomic experience, check their restaurant and bars for seasonal menus and bespoke cocktails. No matter how you want to spend your time at the airport, their welcoming staff will make sure you get the most out of your pre-flight experience.

You can now also relax in style before your flight with their stylish airside Travel Spas. Now you don’t have to worry about looking and feeling bad just before you board the plane. You can enjoy last-minute pampering and address your beauty needs prior to heading out to your destination by visiting their express treatment room. You can also take advantage of their luxurious showers and soothing massages. Their well-trained staff will be very happy to give your nails and hair its well-deserved attention through manicure and haircut. Other than that, their garra rufa fish foot massage is a must-try for everyone. You don’t have to be a lounge guest to enjoy this spa’s amenities. As long as you are a passenger at Gatwick Airport who has available time, you are free to stop by.

For the business travellers who are always on the go, they should consider dropping by the Business Center. They have individual computer systems, email, printing and fax facilities which you can utilize and for as low as £12.50, you can already use their private meeting rooms.

This new development in Gatwick Airport gives another impression to your flying experience. The airport’s Chief Commercial Officer Robin Longden is confident that this addition of the new lounge will make Gatwick Airport a top choice for travellers thus boldly making the statement, “At Gatwick, we want our passengers to feel as if their holiday starts right here at the airport and not at the point at which they reach their chosen holiday destination.  Our £1billion investment programme is geared towards making the passenger experience more pleasant and enjoyable – providing better, speedier check-in products, shorter queues at security and delivering more modern, spacious departure lounge areas.  The new No.1 Traveller lounge in Gatwick’s North Terminal will complement the improvements being delivered across the entire airport.”

This doesn’t stop the No. 1 Traveller from aspiring for more. They are hopeful to open a grander lounge at Heathrow Airport by August 2011.

The new lounge serves as a benchmark for other airport lounges. It won’t be long enough until the other lounges follow the path of the No. 1 Traveller.

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