Mysterious Hydraulic Spillage at the Gatwick Airport

Posted on 06. Dec, 2011 by in News

The worst recorded snow for the past twenty years has hit UK and this has caused quite a stir at several airports making a huge impact in almost everything, particularly the aviation industry. This is the reason why motorists got stranded, schools forcing to close, and flights getting delayed and cancelled at airports. One of the airports severely affected by the terrible climate is Gatwick Airport. In its statistics, it had to cancel 23 flights and divert 18 other flights because of the snow which led to air travel messes and passengers getting dismayed and upset.

Weather changes are inevitable and Gatwick has to deal with the consequences of such changes like diverting or cancelling flights. This problem was further supplemented when there had a mysterious spillage of hydraulic fuel in one of its runways.

The main runway at Gatwick had to close last February 3 for three hours because of the strange spillage of the hydraulic fuel. Emergency services had to be done on the runways to clean up the mess. This problem caused the diversion of 15 flights to other runways at Gatwick and 10 flights had to be diverted to other airports such as Stansted, Southampton, Bournemouth and Manston.

This circumstance caused customers getting irritated and annoyed being caught up in the mess and affecting greatly their schedules. But nonetheless, the administration of Gatwick Airport was also dismayed since they already have a full-load of problems related to the snowfall that has just hit the country.

Up to now, the mystery of how the fluid managed to find its way on the runway remains unsolved. Nevertheless, investigations will push through to prevent this case from happening again.

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