Gatwick’s Future Developments Can Bring It to the Top

Posted on 01. Dec, 2011 by in News

If the plan of increasing the traffic at the Crawley hub will become booming then the Gatwick Airport could arise on an “equal footing” with Heathrow Airport.

The finance head at Gatwick, Nick Dunn, is browbeaten that a progressing redevelopment plan at the airport which costs £1bn in the region can help enhance the number of passengers by 40%, from a projected 32m in 2010, to 45m in 2013.

But even if this projected increase can be record-breaking for the airport, it will still be deficient to match the Heathrow’s dominance of UK aviation. Heathrow was able to lure in almost 66m people in 2009, round about twice that of Gatwick’s number of holidaymakers during the same period. The air transport hub had just its busiest September ever in 2010 where it was able to accommodate 6.2m people to reach their destination, up 7.6% on last year.

Global Infrastructure Partners, the Gatwick owner is to spend £1bn on redevelopments for the airport. Spending such huge amount gives GIP an obvious lead over the current owner of Heathrow Airport, British Airports Authority (BAA). The BAA is still brooding on the idea of cancelling Heathrow’s third runway and no other developments underway. There have been numerous airlines that have raised their concern on the potentials of the UK’s largest hub.

The Ryanair airline is afraid that they have to take its business abroad if the Coalition administration persists to place restrictions on the growth of UK airports.

Nick Dunn isn’t anticipating of anything grand for such developments. They are aware that Heathrow will “always be the major London airport.” But he is also embracing the healthy competition in the capital.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the success of Gatwick over their neighbour can be further guaranteed if the hub can release the prospected budget of £1bn for its expansion without having to splurge more.

For such instances, the Civil Aviation Authority will permit Gatwick to ask lesser costs to resident carriers, making it a means of attracting world airlines on a budget.

The proposed budget of £1bn is for the redesigning of the North Terminal and to add more trains to operate at the Crawley hub. The monorail system at Gatwick which links the two terminals was upgraded earlier this year.

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