Gatwick awarded Speedy Hire a two-year contract

Posted on 13. Aug, 2013 by in News

Gatwick awarded Speedy a two-year contractA two-year contract at Gatwick Airport was awarded to Speedy Hire’s airport services to sustain a £1bn+ investment programme.

The contract means that Speedy will have to provide the airport operator with tools, powered access devices as well as TRIM (Test Repair Inspection Maintenance) services.

Speedy will also have to convey the contract from three depots near to Gatwick, which is on the Surrey/Sussex border.

David Shanahan from Speedy said: “This is further evidence that Speedy has the depth of knowledge and understanding to provide a full suite of support services to not only Gatwick Airport but also to the contractors working for them, although we have experience of a similar supply chain framework with Thames Water and National Grid amongst other large operations UK wide.”

Liz Townsend, Gatwick Airport head of procurement said: “Working with Speedy is another positive step forward in our relentless effort for efficiency, quality and safety, as we transform London Gatwick into the capital’s airport of choice.”

The deal also connotes that Speedy Hire will have to supply not only Gatwick, but also all of its allied contractors and sub-contractors both land-side and air-side. This support will be provided continuously, seven days a week.

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