Emergency Landing at Gatwick Makes A Buzz

Posted on 06. Dec, 2011 by in News

A Flybe carrier headed for Cardiff from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport had to make an emergency landing after the pilot noted a technical fault on the plane. This event resulted to the forced closing of one of the runways at Gatwick.

One of the passengers mentioned that she twenty minutes before the emergency landing; he noticed smoke began to accumulate near the roof of the cabin. Passengers were not forced to proceed to brace position upon landing but emergency vehicles were available during that time. Fortunately, the plane’s staffs were vigilant in reassuring their passengers thus they remained calm during the entire time even if the situation was indeed a very dangerous one although some passengers were fearful of getting back on the plane to proceed with their trip to Wales. No casualties were recorded among the 46 passengers and 4 crew members on board and all were immediately brought to the reception area for assistance.

This incident occurred just after the school summer holidays which was expected to be a busy time for the said airport. Even if it was closed for only an hour eleven flights had to be diverted causing a stir among its passengers. One man who arrived at Gatwick was expecting to meet his partner off an inbound flight later found himself in a mess. His partner’s flight was supposed to be diverted to Bournemouth but since it wasn’t able to land there, it had to be sent to Luton.

Another similar incident happened to one traveller where he experienced two flights being diverted. He travelled in February and during that time the runway was also forced to close because of a strange spillage of the hydraulic fluid. He was then diverted to Stansted and what was worst then was the severe weather conditions that was happening which was a result of snowfalls. He had to go back home and endure another six hours of travel to Sussex.



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