EasyJet to Face Complains of Passengers Headed to Sofia

Posted on 09. Dec, 2011 by in News

them with the airport services? It is flights getting delayed, or worst getting cancelled. This has been the concern of most passengers from Gatwick who were headed for Sofia. They were dismayed when they arrived at the Bulgarian capital 32 hours later than what was planned. A hundred and twenty passengers expressed their disgust over the services of EasyJet. They plan to take legal actions against the budget airline.

The commotion started last Saturday when the pilot declared to the passengers that the Sofia airport had to be closed because of heavy snow and the air travels had to be diverted to Bucharest. The passengers were later informed that by two o’clock on Sunday morning, they have to the night in the Romanian capital. They were sent to a local hotel, and they had to wait there until six o’clock evening of the same day. This was quite frustrating to most passengers as they could have been enjoying the Bulgaria ski slopes for its holidays. To make things worse, the Romanian drivers were uncertain of the route to Sofia and were mostly busy scrutinizing maps while they were drifting through icy roads in sub-zero temperatures.

The passengers were already weary when they arrived to their destination on Monday morning. Passengers later found out that the Sofia Airport was never closed during the whole time, thus making a greater pandemonium amongst the travellers. Airport authorities at Sofia were bewildered how come the news of them being closed was spread when the whole time they were open. They were puzzled why the pilot of EasyJet had to divert their flight without them knowing. The airplane that was carrying them was the EZY8977. They were the only ones unable to land on time as half an hour of its scheduled landing, seven other planes were able to land without troubles in the said airport.

Other than that, the services were extremely bad according to the passengers. During the whole time, they were only handed with a single sandwich and a bottle of water by EasyJet.


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