A guesstimate on Gatwick’s flight paths for a possible second runway

Posted on 22. May, 2013 by in News

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC) has released tentative maps made by the PRESSURE group illustrating maps for Gatwick’s flight path in case a second runway will push through.

Though the path shown on the map does not directly pass over the neighbourhoods, campaigners cautioned that Ifield and Langley Green would still experience a remarkable build up in noise if this will ever be executed.

Gatwick Area Conservation CampaigA resident from Ifield, Mr Jordan, said: “At present I am a mile from the source of the noise, and it is tolerable. This noise would get dramatically worse if there was a new wide-spaced runway, which would run just north of Langley Green and Ifield and close to my house.

“My main concern is that the people of northern Crawley don’t seem to have woken up to the fact that the second runway is likely to be wide-spaced. This means that the boundary fence would run very close to Langley Green and would clip the edge of Ifield Village Conservation Area.”

While a possible expansion will not ensue until 2019, Gatwick bosses clearly stated that they are willing to put up a second runway when they can.

Chairman of the GACC, Brendon Sewill, said: “The maps are speculative at the moment, but based on what we believe is accurate.”

An airport spokesman said: “Gatwick Airport is still in the early stages of carrying out the options work (for extra airport capacity) for the Airports Commission. As part of these studies we will be looking very closely at the local community impacts, including noise and air quality issues, and how these can be minimised.”

But Mr Sewill called on Gatwick to circulate its own would-be paths. He said: “If Gatwick Airport Ltd don’t like the maps it is up to them to produce their own.”

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