Residents near Gatwick Airport

Posted on 24. Nov, 2011 by in Information

Crawley, Sussex is where you can find the Gatwick Airport. It is situated in between the capital city and the coast. The town has become popular since the initial design plans of the airport were released in the 1940s. This huge development made Crawley famous and has earned a lot of recognition from the Crawley Council.

But with the Gatwick Airport being made, there are differing opinions about it. There those that are in favour and there are those that are skeptical. To those who see it as a good thing for them, this is because it has opened a lot of business and job opportunities to everyone. But still some are not convinced about it and believes that having the airport around has also brought an increase in air and noise pollution.

Gatwick Airport caters to more than 30 million passengers in a year and if the further developments will be pushed through, it will be expected that it will sky-rocket to 115 million. The operators of the airport, BAA, has made a promise to develop responsibly taking into consideration the welfare of nearby residents of the airport.

Have there been any changes related to property prices around the Gatwick Airport? If you are one who is interested with buying a property for yourself near the airport, just take a look at their property prices list on the Gatwick Airport Guide online. Alternatively if you would like to read more from local residents then log onto Sussex Enterprise to read up to date articles.

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