Gatwick airport parking to implement new discount system this summer

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This summer, Gatwick airport parking will have a new discount system which will benefit frequet visitors who pick up friends and family often.

The owner of the airport, Gatwick Airport Limited, is proposing a residents’ scheme where drivers will be allowed to pick up people from certain areas at a discounted price.

Currently, a fee of £3 is charged for anyone dropping off or picking up people from the forecourt.

The particular parking discount scheme was raised due to concerns about the high costs those who do so frequently have to pay.

The gist is that drivers would have to pre-pay an amount of £20 for 50 entries or £80 for 250 visits but would have to be in and out to pick up or drop off in ten minutes, or pay the standard rate.

Ken Trussel, a member of Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee, is all for the scheme but also believe that there should be an extension on the vital time.

Trussel said: “In principle I am in favor because it will help family and friends of cabin crew, regular Gatwick users and those who commute to Gatwick station.

“But I think the detail needs to be reworked. We need to start at 20 minutes – from what I understand it is the standard time at other airports and would be more reasonable.”

Another Gatcom member who is also the chief executive of Gatwick Diamond Business is backing the proposed cost of Gatwick.

He said: “While I agree going from 10 to 20 minutes would offer more flexibility I think the costs set out are reasonable.

“If you take the 50 entries option it will cost 40p a go, and only 32p if you buy 250. I know people recently have been directed into the car park from the forecourt and charged £3 just to pick someone up, so it would be a big drop in price.”

Gatwick Airport Limited is trying to speed up the implementation and wish for it to be launched by July.

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