Apologies from Gatwick Airport boss over Christmas Eve cause of delay

Posted on 13. Jan, 2014 by in Information, News



Gatwick Airport boss Stewart Wingate apologized to thousands of passengers who experienced delay on their flights on Christmas Eve due to the power failure. He also said that there was a neglect on their part in terms of what could have and should have been done for customers after the said power cut.

The power interruption happened after the River Mole flooding occurred.

The officials of the airport initially anticipated dealing with the strong winds but was completely not prepared when the river burst its banks, flooding the electricity substations and causing the power-cut on the north terminal of the airport.

All flights to depart from the northern terminal after 13:00 GMT aside from British Airways were moved to the south terminal – but the flights moved were delayed and some are cancelled.

Due to the lack of transportation to and from the airport because of fallen trees and disruption to the train operations, there was a “massive queue” of people trying to leave the airport.

Also according to passengers, they said that the airport failed to give them information about their flights or where they should go.

Had it not been Christmas Eve, Mr Wingate said that the committee would have cancelled the flights earlier to cater to people excited to leave for the festive season.

“We did something with the best of intentions and we were partially successful. Half of the flights that had been due to depart from the north terminal did so and all the south terminal flights got away.

“We are very sorry about what happened to passengers.”

Mr Stewart Wingate said that this was the worst flooding at Gatwick since 1967.

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