Lounges at Gatwick Airport

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If Gatwick Airport is just like any airport, then it would have been a boring one where travellers just go simply for flying purposes. That’s why they have made it a priority to instil fun and leisure to their services. They have opened Airport lounges which are great spots for relaxation while waiting to board the plane. It’s your easy escape from the hustle and bustle of the Gatwick crowd. Gone are the days when people assume that airport lounges where just for the rich and prestigious travellers. Now they cater everyone, families, children, and even disabled ones at reasonable prices.

Airport Lounges are a great place to relax and pass the time while you wait for the flight. Inside an airport lounge you can avoid the manic crowds in the terminal building and forget you are at an airport. You can enjoy the luxury of a lounge for as little as £18. The amenities of an airport lounge include spas, hairdressers, free drink and food, free Wi-Fi, movie screens and much more.

At the North Terminal, you will find airport lounges of No.1 Traveller, Servisair, British Airways, Emirates and Delta Airlines. While at the South Terminal, you will only find two airport lounges – No.1 Traveller and Servisair. Just visit the Gatwick Airport Guide online for further details of the said providers.

Why book a lounge?

The use of airport lounges is not compulsory but with the amenities they have, how can you resist in booking one? It is your ticket away from the manic crowds of Gatwick. No matter what kind of traveller you are, you will find a few services that you would love to indulge. When you are at the lounge, you get to enjoy free Wi-Fi, quiet area to relax, luxury spas, child-friendly areas, drink selections, complimentary cuisines, magazines and newspapers, business facilities, hairdressing facilities, private meeting rooms and much more at reasonable prices.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass is known as the world’s first independent airport lounge access program. It has amalgamated with over 600 lounges in more than 300 cities worldwide. With the Priority Pass, you are given the opportunity to use the amenities of any airport lounge meaning does not matter what ticket you are holding or airline you are flying. There are 3 annual membership passes you can avail and it depends on your preferences as well as how often you travel and what membership fee you prefer most. The membership options are Standard Membership, Standard Plus Membership and Prestige Membership.

The Standard Membership annual fee is £69 plus an additional £15 for each visit and an additional £15 for each guest. This is the top choice for airport users who travel only a few times a year but desires convenience every time they are in the airport premises.

The Standard Plus Membership collects an annual fee of £159 which includes 10 free visits and a charge of £15 for extra guests. This is suitable for travellers who think they will not need to visit the lounge more than 10 times a year.

The Prestige Membership has an annual fee of £259 which includes unlimited free entry to lounges for members but an additional £15 must be paid for guests. This is best used by frequent fliers looking for somewhere to relax before jetting round the world.

For Gatwick visitors, they are entitled a 10% discount for their first year membership. You can check their link at the Gatwick Airport Guide online to sign up to Priority Pass. If you are already a member of the Priority Pass, you will have an access to the No. 1 Traveller lounges in the North and South terminal and the Servisair lounges.

No 1. Airport Lounge details

The No. 1Traveller airport lounge is available at the two terminals of the Gatwick Airport. At the North Terminal, its space spans 10,000 square feet which is contemporary themed with top-quality facilities. It challenges and redefines the concept of an airport lounge, complete with an independent travel spa and business centre, delivering an unrivalled experience that makes waiting for your flight a real pleasure. Their services include a spa, hairdressers, free Wi-Fi, entertainment, airport views, free newspapers, food and drinks, private meeting rooms and printing and scanning facilities.

Opening last April 2009, the Airport Lounge of the No.1 Traveller at the South Terminal features a crafted bar, bistro space, living green wall and a variety of comfortable seating areas as well as a carefully renovated mezzanine level that incorporates a VIP room. Their lounge is festooned with collectables that hark back to Gatwick’s history, and a variety of games and entertainment options mean that you can always find a way to pass the time. Their services include free Wi-Fi, entertainment, airport views, free newspapers, food and drinks, private meeting rooms and printing and scanning facilities.

Servisair Lounge details

Servisair is another airport lounge provider found at both terminals. It has two lounges at the North Terminal called the Ascot Lounge and the Wentworth Lounge. In the Ascot lounge you can take advantage of conference facilities, alcoholic drinks, newspapers and magazines. However in this particular lounge, children under 12 are not permitted in this lounge. The Wentworth Lounge welcomes children and has a “Relaxation Room” and a “Fun Zone”, so it is suitable for all passengers. Their services include free Wi-Fi, quiet area, free newspapers, food and drinks, private meeting rooms and printing and scanning facilities.

At the South Terminal, it also has two lounges. They offer the Ashdown Lounge for travellers looking for a peaceful area before they fly and the Lingfield Lounge where families are welcome. Their services include free Wi-Fi, entertainment, free newspapers, food and drinks, private meeting rooms and printing and scanning facilities.

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